We partner with well established media; media which is free and loyal to their readers; consistent in its aim to achieve the best possible message to get through the audience.


  We believe newspapers must be neutral and unbiased; balanced and objective. Our reports help our media partners choose an effective way of conveying information that matters.   We aim at having high visibility for our reports and we achieve that through our long term partnership with competent newspapers showing consistant high audience share.




In 2017 MyM Merchan and Dubai Media Inc signed a collaboration agreement to publish information –online and offline– about Spain and Spanish companies in Al Bayan, the highest-daily circulation newspaper in Dubai: 88,000 printed copies. Additionally, it has 16.3 million unique monthly users between the UAE, Saud Arabia, Egypt, Algery, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Morroco, Oman and Kuwait. Click here to access Al Bayan webpage.




In 2014 we started collaboration with El Economista,  the world's most widely-read Spanish daily business journal and the second largest after The Wall Street Journal. With over 14,300,000 unique monthly users, El Economista is the new world leader  in financial information. Click here to access El Economista webpage.

In 2012 we joined efforts with the Spanish daily ABC one of the oldest national newspapers in Spain and  one of the most widely circulated too with a daily readership of 648,000. ABC's readers are among the most elite and influential audience in Spain when it comes to social, political and economic issues. Click here here to access ABC webpage.
















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